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Help Americans Inc. is a 501C3 non profit created to help the every day American. Our Rent Busters -USA was created to help Americans with their most important asset – Their Home. All of the Rent Busters – USA Programs provide a portion of the proceeds to help our Veterans.

Download our IRS Determination Letter if you need it for your records.

Rent Busters – USA created the Stop Renting Now program to help Renters achieve the American Dream of Home Ownership by providing an avenue to receive both Down Payment Assistance and Seller or Lender Paid Closing Cost. The Process is simple!!!

Rent Busters – USA utilizes Help Americans Inc. and our approved Real Estate Network to provide up to $15,000 in Down Payment Assistance. The Realtor assigned to helping our Home Buyer will negotiate the Seller paying the Buyers Closing Cost. The end result our Home Buyer becomes a Home Owner in many cases with less money out of pocket then when they moved into their rental.

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Richard Crowder the Founder of Help Americans Inc. & Rent Busters – USA wanted to create a program to help Americans achieve Home Ownership. The required Down Payment and Closing Cost created a Barrier to Entry that made it almost impossible. Stop Renting Now Program eliminates that barrier to entry!!!