Special Flat Fee Listing saving Home Owners $1000’s 

Help Americans Inc. is a 501C3 non profit created to help the every day American. Our Rent Busters -USA was created to help Americans with their most important asset – Their Home. All of the Rent Busters – USA Programs provide a portion of the proceeds to help our Veterans.

Download our IRS Determination Letter if you need it for your records.

Rent Busters USA-  Home Owners Special to help our Homeless and Disabled Veterans.


Rent Busters USA- through our Real Estate Network will provide any Home Owner making a Charitable Donation to Help Americans Inc., as part of the American VIP Program, a flat fee voucher where our approved Real Estate Company will list the Home Owner’s home for a flat fee of $499. The Home Owner will still be responsible for paying the Buy side commissions but the flat fee Sell Side will save the Home Owner $1000’s.  

Rent Busters USA-  has a Special Program called STOP RENTING NOW as part of a Down Payment Assistance Program provided to Renters. This Program delivers qualified Buyers to our approved Real Estate Network. The end result is when your home is listed though Rent Busters- USA it quickly becomes SOLD.

Home Owners- to receive your flat fee voucher click on the American VIP button below to make your charitable donations. Once your donation has been made you will receive an email with your flat fee Voucher from our approve Real Estate Company. 

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