Help Americans Inc. is a 501C3 non profit created to help the every day American. Our Rent Busters -USA was created to help Americans with their most important asset – Their Home. All of the Rent Busters – USA Programs provide a portion of the proceeds to help our Veterans.

Download our IRS Determination Letter if you need it for your records.

Rent Busters – USA has tremendous respect for our Realtors. They spend countless hours driving clients all over town and unfortunately in many cases they don’t even get the sale.

Rent Busters -USA is a Multi Channel Marketing Company that brings qualified Buyers to our Network of Mortgage Lenders for a fee. Our Fee is paid via Marketing Invoice and is not tied to any particular closing. Each month we bill our clients for our services and our success is determined on the amount of quality Buyers we deliver.


Rent Busters – USA created a Realtor Rewards Program for Realtors who register their clients for one of the Rent Buster – USA Programs. Each month when Rent Busters – USA collects on the billed monthly invoices a portion is allocated for Marketing to help our referral sources grow their business. Our Belief is our Realtor Rewards Program will help our loyal Realtors increase their business with new Buyers and Sellers which in turn will help Rent Busters – USA deliver more Mortgages to our approved Lenders. We all win by working together!!!


  • Personalized Website
  • SEO – Google driving people to your new webiste
  • Digital Advertising – Branding you in your local market
  • Social Media – Paid Advertising to a targeted Audience
  • Email – Advertising through email campaigns

Rent Busters – USA puts a strong emphasis on Compliance with the laws that govern the Real Estate and Mortgage Industry. We have spent the money to get a legal opinion letter that is located in the link.



Realtors – to become part of the Rent Busters – USA Realtor Network complete the Realtor Registration Form at the bottom of the page.

Rent Busters – USA welcomes all Realtors looking for a great company to work for that pays top commissions to reach out to Dante Hines with America’s Realty Group. MR. Hines has been instrumental in the development of the Stop Renting Now Program and has personally provided a significant portion of his Real Estate Commissions to help our Home Buyers with Down Payment Assistance.

Realtor Team

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