Up to $5,250 in free Down Payment Assistance for your Clients

Help Americans Inc. is a 501C3 non profit created to help the every day American. We created Rent Busters -USA  to help Americans with their most important asset – Their Home.

Down Payment Assistance

Rent Busters – USA  provides a portion of the proceeds on every transaction to help our Veterans.

Rent Busters – USA has tremendous respect for our Realtors. They spend countless hours driving clients all over town and unfortunately in many cases they don’t even get the sale. Our Program will help ensure the client stays with our Realtor!!!


Rent Busters – USA created a Realtor Rewards Program to help Realtors increase business by providing Down Payment Assistance to their clients toward the purchase of their home.

This special Rent Busters USA Lender approved program is for FHA & VA Mortgages only.

Program Guidelines 

  • Realtor  Registers their Buyer completing the registration form below
  • Buyer will be qualified by our Rent Busters USA approved Lender 
  • Buyer must complete the Lender approved Home Buyers Course
  • Buyer will make their Deposit into our Law Firm’s Escrow Account Prior to the Realtor spending time looking at Houses.

Helping our Realtors

  • Our Program provides 1.50% of the down payment.
  • Our Lender is a direct Lender that provides a Desk Top Approval upfront.
  • The seller can contribute up to 6% of the Buyer’s closing cost.
  • Our Title Company is represented by an attorney that ensures everything is in compliance with RESPA.
  • Trusted Credit Repair will help any clients requiring assistance in fixing any wrong information on their credit so they can Qualify for an FHA Mortgage in the future.





Rent Busters – USA welcomes all Realtors looking for a great company to work for that pays top commissions to reach out to Dante Hines with America’s Realty Group. MR. Hines has been instrumental in the development of the Stop Renting Now Program and has personally provided a significant portion of his Real Estate Commissions to help our Home Buyers with closing cost in cases where the Seller would not contribute..

Realtor Team