Rent Busters – USA created a Realtor Rewards Program for the Realtors who become part of our America’s Realty Group Family. This program is designed to help our Realtors increase business through a Multi Channel Marketing Platform. We not only have the best pay plan in the Industry, we pride ourselves on helping our Realtors succeed.

Program Guidelines 

  • Realtor  Registers their License with America’s Realty Group
  • Realtor’s Buyer uses the ARG Affiliate Mortgage and Title Company in full compliance with respa, local, state, and federal laws that govern our industry. 
  • Buyer will sign the ARG affiliated business disclosure as part of the Real Estate Contract.

Helping our Realtors

  • After each closing that our Realtor  utilizes the ARG affiliates, ARG and EZ Title and Escrow Corp will do a joint marketing campaign of $1,000. ARG will provide this marketing on behalf of their Realtor. This marketing campaign will be in full compliance with respa, local, state, and federal laws that govern our industry.


Rent Busters – USA welcomes all Realtors looking for a great company to work for that pays top commissions. To learn more you can reach out to Dante Hines with America’s Realty Group via email at or simply complete the registration form below. MR. Hines has been instrumental in the development of the Stop Renting Now Program and has personally provided a significant portion of his Real Estate Commissions to help our Home Buyers with closing cost in cases where the Seller would not contribute..

Realtor Team