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You find the Forclosures We Fund Them and split the profits

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Buying Foreclosures and Short Sales

The America’s Realty Group Team

Our Real Estate Team is here to help You negotiate the Purchase and Sale on all Your Foreclosures and Short Sales. If you are an Investor that wants to keep the Properties for long term Income America’s Realty Group will help you Manage your properties so you can focus on Buying more Income Producing Properties.


You – Find The Property

We – Fund The Property

We – Share The Profits

Utube Videos by Phil on Foreclosures & Short Sales that we believe can help You


The Rent Buster Program

Our Rent Busters Program was designed to help You succeed in Real Estate. Our In-House Real Estate, Mortgage, Home Improvement Companies give you the experience to maximize your Potential and minimize the risks.

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