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Our Florida Free Money Program for Home Buyers provides up to $7,000 in Down Payment Assistance and up to $20,000 in Seller paid closing cost for our Buyers. Testimonials at the bottom of the page.

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Up to 3% plus Seller Paid Closing Cost

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Our Florida Free Money Program for Home Owners who list their home with our Broker Dante Hines will get 1% toward their closing cost when we sell their home.

If the Home Owner stays with Our program when purchasing their next home they will instantly qualify for up to 2% in Down Payment Assistance and up to 6% in Seller paid closing cost credits. 

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We have a Wholesale relationship with a National Lender that saves our clients $1000’s.

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Real Life Testimonials

I have to be honest, when I first heard about the Rent Busters Program I was skeptical. I have worked my entire life and never received a gift like this before especially from people I don’t know. I wanted a Home so I took the leap of faith. Rick provided me a gift of $8,280 and over $10,000 in seller paid closing cost and Dante as the Broker negotiated the purchase where I had close to $30,000 in Equity. Rent Busters is real!!!
Nestor Marc
Royal Palm Beach
I was referred to Rick and Dante by a mutual friend that I do business with. My wife is a Realtor and was extremely impressed with Dante as their Broker. Everything promised at the initial meeting was delivered and much more. Dante negotiated the Seller to pay $15,000 of our closing cost and Rick provided over $6,000 in Down Payment Assistance. We landed up buying a $310,000 house and getting a check back at the closing table. Unbelievable experience!!!
Helano Olivera
Coconut Creek
When I first met Rick and Dante and was introduced to the Rent Buster Program I thought it was too good to be true. I am a single Dad trying to provide a stable environment for my Children. I can say this with pleasure, everything Rick and Dante said in that first meeting came true. They provided me with over $12,000 in Free Money and because of their efforts and support I am a Home Owner.
Donald Lockett
Riviera Beach
We heard the Florida Free Money Program on Hot 105. We had recently attempted to buy a home and were told we didn't qualify. We decided to take a leap of faith and register for the Free Money. Rick and Dante worked with us every step of the way helping us get to a point where we qualified for an FHA Loan. They Provided us with over $18,000 in Free Money.
Ivan & Christine Ferguson
Pompano Beach

Compliance Disclosure

Other Realtors may or may not have Lenders with approved Down Payment Assistance Programs and more importantly, actually take the time to help you find these programs.

By Registering for our Florida Free Money Down Payment Assistance Program you agree to utilize the services of America’s Realty Group and it’s affiliate Mortgage and Title Companies.