Help Americans Inc. is a 501C3 non profit created to help the every day American. Our Rent Busters -USA was created to help Americans with their most important asset – Their Home. All of the Rent Busters – USA Programs provide a portion of the proceeds to help our Veterans.

Download our IRS Determination Letter if you need it for your records.

Rent Busters- USA created a Department in their Home Services Division called Buy Now to help Home Owners save money. Our Marketing Platform delivers qualified Home Buyers to our approved Lenders in Volume allowing Americans to take advantage of Wholesale Pricing on their purchases and Refinances.

Rent Busters- USA created the Buy Now Platform to help you as a Home Owner find the right Mortgage tailored for you. Our Lending Network has every Mortgage available and the wholesale prices help our clients get the best mortgage with the best interest rate. The Process is simple. Complete the registration form below and one of our approved Lenders will contact you to begin your Loan Application.